Clean Economy

Long established industrial and economic practices, be they production, transport or the way we govern and regulate them, must change if we are to achieve net-zero emissions.

Clean Economy



Net-zero applies to the whole of the economy – the energy sources, industrial processes, supply chains, infrastructure, ancillary services and demand. Systematically addressing these in a coherent way will be key to successfully reaching net-zero.

The economy is changing however, from digitalisation to robotics to materials and demographics. The net-zero economy of 2050 will be the product of all these changes.

We are deeply knowledgeable in the fields of industry, innovation, energy and infrastructure policy. Our staff have expertise working across Europe, Asia, Africa, and North and South America.

In order to establish fair and climate resilient societies for all, we are building the political and institutional frameworks to make the necessary economic changes possible.

Track record

  1. Our work supported efficient, climate-friendly cooling highlighted on the mainstage at the UN Secretary General’s Climate Action Summit in September 2019 with real economy commitments made by governments, cities, industry and financial institutions to support an accelerated transition.
  2. Following our on future energy systems, we saw major funding for large-scale demonstrators provided by the UK government under their Prospering from the energy revolution fund.
  3. Our involvement as a founding member of the business-led Energy Efficiency Infrastructure Group helped to align countless other stakeholders’ calls for making energy efficiency a UK infrastructure investment priority. As a result, all main parties committed to major energy efficiency programmes in their 2019 election manifestos, with implementation to support green post-pandemic recovery now the focus.

Focus areas

Heat, Cooling and Energy Efficiency

Unlocking the full potential of efficient heating and cooling is crucial to managing energy systems, reducing emissions, and ensuring affordable energy services.

We work with partners to envision the structural reform we need. Together, we develop practical proposals to accelerate energy efficiency gains.

Larissa Gross

Research Manager

Pedro Guertler

Programme Leader

Dileimy Orozco

Senior Policy Advisor

Ed Matthew

Campaigns Director

James Hawkins

Senior Researcher

Juliet Phillips

Senior Policy Advisor

Sindra Sharma-Khushal

Policy Advisor

George Triggs

Senior Associate

Regulation and Systems Transitions

Delivering net-zero emissions will depend on the way we govern and regulate economic activities. This new challenge requires new approaches.

We work with partners to provide thought leadership and practical proposals to re-shape governance and regulation frameworks in the EU and elsewhere.

Lisa Fischer

Programme Leader

Ronan Palmer

Associate Director - Clean Economy

Simon Skillings

Senior Associate

Johanna Lehne

Senior Policy Advisor

Eleonora Moro


Léa Pilsner

Policy Advisor

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