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Report Financing a Sustainable European Economy: Interim Report

In the aftermath of the financial and sovereign debt crises, sustainable finance could provide the best opportunity for the European Union to reorient its financial system from short-term stabilisation to long-term impact. The EU has been leading on the global sustainability agenda, which seeks to combine economic prosperity with environmental and social sustainability. Read more from the High-Level Expert Group on Sustainable Finance in their newly launched interim report written with input from from E3G Director Ingrid Holmes.

Blog The future is now: European Union finances for climate and energy

The European Union is in a good position to cement an inclusive and fair energy transition. It also has great potential to protect European industry and citizens against climate risks. While climate change and energy are listed as top priorities for the EU in the coming years, there is still uncertainty on whether Europe will be able to deliver in these key policy areas. Find out more in Carlos Campillos' blog.

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