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Press Release Missing in Action – The lack of ESG capacity at leading investors

New research published by independent climate change think tank E3G has revealed that 33% of the investor signatories to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) do not employ any environment, social and governance specialists. E3G’s ‘Missing in Action’ report has also found that a further 20% employ only one such expert. This means that over 500 of these world leading investment companies, managing $6.9 trillion in assets, employ one or fewer experts in responsible investment. E3G points out that the failure of these companies to back up their pledges to the PRI with action on the ground not only poses a reputational risk, it also poses a serious risk to future economic security.

Briefing Paper Missing in Action – The lack of ESG capacity at leading investors

Analysis by E3G shows one-third 33% of signatories to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) directly employ no ESG specialists and a further 20% employ just one. With over half of all PRI signatories directly employing one or fewer ESG specialists, questions are raised about whether these leading investors have the internal capacity needed to understand the risks and opportunities within the sustainable development agenda.

Briefing Paper A resolution for a peaceful climate: Opportunities for the UN security council

The risk of human suffering is increasing sharply across the world. Stark inequality, shifting demographics, resource scarcity and extreme weather are each providing fertile ground for conflict. But scientific evidence shows that the worst is still to come; the Earth is projected to warm to 2.2°C above pre-industrial levels by the middle of this century. If human societies do not change tack extreme resource scarcity will exacerbate all challenges facing humanity. As these risks gather pace, ongoing crises cannot overwhelm humanity’s capacity to prepare and become resilient to rising climate insecurity.

Blog What to expect from the Visegrád Group on the EU’s “Clean Energy” package?

On Monday 27 February, European energy ministers will start negotiations on a set of legislative proposals that will drive the transition to a low-carbon energy system for the next decade. Many EU observers will expect the alliance between Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia (known as the Visegrád Group), to try to rein in European ambition on clean energy. But what if this year was the start of something different?

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