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Blog It’s time for the UN to get serious on climate change

At present, there is no institutional home in the UN system for managing climate-related risks. But today, climate impacts are knocking at the doors of UN’s agencies, putting pressure on humanitarian resources and threatening global peace and security. E3G's Camill Born agures, it is high time for the UN to adapt to climate change in order to fulfil its mandate. To the backdrop of weather related fury, it's time for the UN to grasp the nettle.

Briefing Paper Accelerating Coal Phase Out: The OECD Context

The latest E3G briefing paper tracks progress towards the coal phase out by G7 and OECD members. The UK, Canada, France, Finland, Alberta, Berlin and US states including California and New York have already made commitments to phase out coal. Other developed economies are also seeing their electricity markets shift away from coal power generation. Political commitments, like the recent announcement from British Prime Minister Theresa May and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau can help accelerate the coal transition further.

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