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Report The future of Europe and the future of climate action: reflections and scenarios for the EU27

The European Union is at a reflection point. Following a tumultuous decade of repeated crises, from the financial downturn to the Brexit vote, European leaders and the European Commission have kicked off a debate on the Future of Europe. A new report out by E3G, The Institute for European Environmental Policy and the Heinrich Böll Foundation evaluates the state of EU climate policy and examines how climate governance fits within the ‘Future of Europe’ process led by the European Commission.

Energy Union Choices: Cleaner, Smarter, Cheaper

New analysis shows how cheap renewables and flexible demand could replace more than half of European coal and gas generation by 2030, while reducing system cost and almost doubling emissions savings from the power sector, compared to current plans. The new analysis conducted by energy consultancy Artelys, commissioned by E3G and partners in the Energy Union Choices consortium, found Europe can aim for much deeper emissions reductions and higher renewables uptake while reducing electricity system costs – provided it pursues the right policies.

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