Climate in the European Union

Climate in the European Union

Against the backdrop of political uncertainties and geopolitical challenges, the EU is set to renew its political leadership and strategic direction by the end of 2024. This critical period, marked by intense debates, will determine the future trajectory of the EU’s climate action.

Competitiveness and security are emerging as European priorities to 2030, forging social, economic, and climate stability an imperative. Achieving a fast, fair and funded green transition will require ramping up investment, enhancing fairness and proactively adapting to new geopolitical realities.

E3G offers in-depth analysis and strategic insights of the state of climate politics within and dynamics between European countries, major institutions, and economic sectors. Our rigorous research and strategic insight enable us to monitor key events within the EU, including social, economic, and political developments, legislative proposals, and diplomatic negotiations.

By collaborating with partners across politics, civil society, media, and science, our team contributes to the main decisions driving European climate action across sectors. Our insights and recommendations shape political conditions, policies, and diplomacy strategies that support effective, equitable, and resilient climate action in Europe, and globally.

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Manon Dufour

Executive Director

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