About E3G

We are making the necessary possible

E3G is an independent climate change think tank with a global outlook. We work on the frontier of the climate landscape tackling the barriers and advancing the solutions to a safe climate.

Our goal is to translate climate politics, economics and policies into action.


We build coalitions

We build broad-based coalitions to deliver a safe climate. We work closely with like-minded partners in government, politics, civil society, science, the media, public interest foundations and elsewhere.




We develop strategies

We do strategic thinking to identify the ripest areas for change. We produce scenario analysis of critical climate action, identifying the risks and opportunities to make a difference.




Byford James About

We produce insights

We analyse the state of climate politics within countries, major institutions and economic sectors. Our insights help set political agendas and inform decision makers.

Johanna Lehne and Sonia Dunlop

We think outside the box

We design practical institutional solutions to deliver a safe climate. We work with our partners to implement transformational changes.


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Our name

E3G stands for Third Generation Environmentalism.

The first generation of environmentalists focused on the conservation of species and habitats. The second generation widened the scope to include pollution and natural resources. The third generation of environmentalists is building on this success, working on solutions rather than problems.

As third generation environmentalists, we are turning arguments into answers.


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