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Gas In Focus

Gas transitions for a net-zero emissions world

Gas is the fastest growing fossil fuel with consumption reaching across sectors such as electricity, heating and industry. The role of gas as an energy carrier varies widely between geographies, some regions being net consumers, some exporters and some transit hubs. The transition to a net-zero emissions world will mean significant change for all of them.

Gas sector interests are deeply embedded in national and international (geo)politics. Any change needs to be well-planned as the infrastructure can have a lifetime of 60 years or more. In recent years, E3G’s work has put a focus on untangling these political economy challenges within Europe as well as within Multilateral Development Banks. E3G’s gas research covers areas including; aligning infrastructure planning with European Climate Policy, re-thinking the energy security challenge, understanding the financial impacts of decarbonisation on fossil fuels and their investments, as well as the role of renewable and decarbonised gases for the clean energy transition.