December 2017    
We’ll always have Paris, but what about the EU budget? 

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Tomorrow marks the two year anniversary of the Paris Agreement. To celebrate, French President Emmanuel Macron is hosting The One Planet Summit to lay the groundwork for ramping up climate action ambition to 2020.

In the coming year, the European Union has a great opportunity to join those at the cutting edge of climate action, designing the post-2020 Multiannual Financial Framework to become compatible with the Paris Agreement. The next EU budget provides a venue to offer a boost to sustainable infrastructure. In this month's newsletter, we explore this issue, including how the EU can go about ensuring fossil-free investments with EU funds; fostering a stronger push for renewable and clean energy innovation; and preventing devastating climate-related disasters.

With the new framework kicking in as the Paris commitment period cranks into gear, will Europe make the most of this opportunity? 

Thanks for reading,

Carlos Campillos, Researcher 

Thinkstockphotos-188076117 Report — 11 December 2017
Infrastructure for a changing energy system: the next generation of policies for the European Union
by Joseph Dutton, Lisa Fischer, Jonathan Gaventa
In a new report, E3G calls on the European Commission to re-assess the European Union’s energy infrastructure needs. The report also urges for a review of energy infrastructure funding under the next Multiannual Financial Framework, as reform is needed.

Photo by jasper van der meij on unsplash Briefing Paper — 14 November 2017
Climate risk and the EU budget: investing in resilience
by Carlos Campillos
In Europe, economic losses from climate change-related disasters have doubled in the past 30 years, affecting every sector of the economy, from agriculture to infrastructure. Carlos Campillos and Rosalind Cook explore the role of the EU’s Multiannual Financial Framework in helping to prepare and respond to climate risk.

Photo by rodion kutsaev on unsplash Discussion Note — 5 December 2017
An EU budget for innovation, digitalisation and decarbonisation: 10 steps for the next MFF
by Jonathan Gaventa
The EU’s new Industrial Strategy sets a challenging goal: for European industries to be world leaders in innovation, digitalisation and decarbonisation. Read Jonathan Gaventa's 10 step briefing to find out what the EU budget needs to achieve this ambition.

Photo by rodrigo capuski on unsplash Blog — 11 December 2017
Is the EU budget our best chance at making The One Planet Summit reality?
by Carlos Campillos, Camilla Born
The One Planet Summit hosted by Emmanuel Macron will bring together world leaders to advance the global climate finance agenda. Camilla Born and Carlos Campillos explain how the EU can take the lead by setting an ambitious, Paris-compatible Multiannual Financial Framework going beyond 2020.

Windmills in Worms, Germany Briefing Paper — 8 December 2017
Climate action and the EU budget: key issues for the post-2020 Multiannual Financial Framework
by Carlos Campillos, Lisa Fischer, Jonathan Gaventa
The Multiannual Financial Framework lays down the long-term objectives of the EU along with the resources allocated to them. Carlos Campillos, Lisa Fischer and Jonathan Gaventa outline the main priorities that must be on the table while discussing the upcoming EU budget.

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