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Mid-year UN climate talks need to set high expectations ahead of COP29

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  • Diplomats will meet in Bonn (3-13 June) for the annual mid-year UN climate change talks. 
  • With 5 months to go, these negotiations are a key opportunity to set high expectations and prepare for what governments must agree at COP29. 
  • The meetings are a critical test for whether the Azerbaijan COP29 Presidency can build trust in their leadership of the UNFCCC process from Bonn to Baku. 


Governments in Bonn must make progress on crucial climate negotiation issues. The top priority for negotiations this year are around setting a new global climate finance goal – formally known as the New Collective Quantified Goal or NCQG. Currently these negotiations are highly polarised between developed and developing countries. Ambitious governments in Bonn will need to start building bridges with each other to ensure good progress on these issues ahead of COP29, the deadline for agreeing the new finance deal. 

Building pressure on Azerbaijan COP29 Presidency and COP Troika: The SB60 sessions must build pressure on the Azerbaijan COP29 Presidency, along with the COP Troika of the UAE, Azerbaijan, and Brazil, to take ownership in guiding the UNFCCC process from Bonn to Baku. This involves steering Parties towards convergence across various topics and intensifying political dialogue towards COP29 under the Roadmap to Mission 1.5. 

Emergence of Climate Champions: The SB60 sessions should raise expectations for champions to lead the implementation of the GST and UAE Consensus. This includes preparing the next generation of climate plans and biennial transparency reports, translating the GST’s global sectoral goals into national-level action, and increasing support and finance for the Global Goal on Adaptation and the Loss and Damage Fund.  


Tom Evans, Senior Policy Advisor, E3G said: 

“The Bonn climate talks are a key first test of Azerbaijan’s COP29 Presidency. The pressure is on. They can prove critics wrong by coming out with a clear strategy to seal a new global deal on climate finance in Baku this November. With every country due to submit new climate transitions plans to the UN in the next year, the Azerbaijan Presidency needs to lead by example and come forward a 1.5C-aligned target by COP29.” 

Ana Mulio Alvarez, Researcher, E3G said:  

“Ahead of the new NDC submission governments are likely to focus their attention on mitigation action and planning. However, adaptation and resilience cannot be left behind. This year, given the UAE – Belem work programme for the Global Goal for Adaptation and the NCQG negotiations, governments have an opportunity to put resilience at the front and center of both planning and finance. By coming to the SBs ready to make a generous offer on grant equivalent adaptation finance, developed countries would not only ensure that upcoming NDCs deliver on resilience, but it would provide the political space for the NCQG negotiations to move forward, bringing parties a step closer to a successful COP29.” 

Laura Sabogal Reyes, Senior Policy Advisor, E3G said:

“With the Global Stocktake and the upcoming revision of NDCs, the current moment is a critical juncture for unlocking the necessary ambition and finance to achieve the Paris Agreement goals. The urgency faced by decision-makers in the run up to COP30 underscores the importance of effective and agile creation of country platforms that can deliver both substantial and high-quality financing. Transitioning from individual projects to a programmatic approach holds promise for scaling up impact and efficiency to realise sustainable development and climate action at the national level. However, success will depend on tailor-made approaches which cater to diverse national contexts.” 

Pieter de Pous, Programme Lead, E3G said:  

“The last few years has seen real global momentum in governments committing to stop building new coal plants, phasing out coal entirely as part of the Powering Past Coal Alliance as well as a plethora of domestic initiatives to move away from fossil fuels in the power sector, heating or car transport. Early and timely preparations for NDCs to be submitted ahead of COP30 now present an opportunity to pull these commitments together and demonstrate to other countries that transitioning away from fossil fuels, tripling renewables and doubling efficiency isn’t just a menu, but in fact, is already happening.” 

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