Design a Connecting Europe Facility for a modern and clean connected Europe


The Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) fund provides a source of billions of euro for building a well-connected and integrated Union, by financially supporting transport, energy and digital infrastructures. European funding for CEF projects sets direction for wider investment in these sectors as it leverages significant amounts of private and public co-finance. To ensure efficient European spending and avoid stranded assets investments need to align with and support European objectives, including the latest EU’s climate and energy targets. What Europe do we want CEF to help build? How can CEF best build resilient infrastructure that improves EU competitiveness, reduces emissions, and improves the quality of life for millions of Europeans?

Join us on October 25th to discuss CEF’s role in building a modern and sustainable Europe.


08:00-08:15: Introduction - S&D shadow TRAN - MEP Ayala Sender 

08:15-9:15: Panel and Audience Q&A: Aligning CEF with the EU’s climate target

- Jonathan Gaventa (E3G) - CEF Energy
- Jori Sihvonen (T&E) - CEF Transport
- Julien Bollati (INEA) - Assessment of Project Applications
- Moderator: Samuel Kenny

09:15-09:30: Closing remarks - S&D shadow ITRE - MEP Kumpula-Natri