Wrong energy policy could create new enemies for Europe

Wrong energy policy could create new enemies for Europe

E3G Founding Director Tom Burke is a participant on the Oxford University High Level Taskforce on Energy Security, Climate Change and Development Assistance.

Today, taskforce members have a letter published in the Financial Times which urges European leaders to take firm action on Climate Change at this week’s European Council.

They close their letter by stating:

Two challenges face Europe which transcend national interests and will define, not only the continent’s future, but the world within which Europe exists in the 21st century: security, and the reconciling of energy, climate change and economic development goals.

To an increasing degree these challenges will interact – for example, in Europe’s policies towards the Middle East and the Mediterranean, Africa and south Asia, and in the EU’s relations with China and Russia.

For this reason, we urge Europe’s leaders to seize the opportunity to ensure the EU applies its collective weight and influence to push a bold, coherent and strategic approach to energy security.”


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