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Paris agreement makes low carbon transition "unstoppable"

Paris agreement makes low carbon transition "unstoppable"

Paris, Saturday 12th December

Responding to the announcement of an ambitious global agreement on tackling climate change in Paris, Nick Mabey, Chief Executive of the climate diplomacy think tank E3G said:

"Paris means Governments will go further and faster to tackle climate change than ever before. The transition to a low carbon economy is now unstoppable, ensuring the end of the fossil fuel age."

The Paris Agreement announce the following:

  • A legally binding framework for all countries to cut carbon emissions
  • To reach greenhouse gas emission neutrality in the second half of the century
  • To keep global temperature increase well below 2C and to pursue efforts to limit it to 1.5C
  • To review progress every 5 years and raise ambition towards meeting the long term temperature goal
  • $100 billion a year in climate finance for developing countries by 2020 and a commitment to further finance in the future
  • Support to help vulnerable countries deal with climate damages.


Spokesperson: Nick Mabey, CEO, +44 (0) 7949 768 771,

Press contact: Suzy Greenwood, +44 (0) 7528 527272,

E3G are the independent experts on climate diplomacy and energy policy. We are a think tank working to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy.


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