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Hydrogen: Factsheet Series

Hydrogen energy molecules - Ecological Concept

The role that hydrogen can and should play in the climate transition is hotly contested. In this factsheet series, we outline the crucial political questions facing policymakers in some key areas of the hydrogen debate, based on technical and economic evidence. A new factsheet will be released every Wednesday throughout April 2021.  

The factsheet series will cover the following four topics: 

  1. A first factsheet, released on April 7, focuses on hydrogen supply: what types of hydrogen are compatible with climate neutrality? And what does the need for increasing quantities of hydrogen from renewable energy mean for the wider energy transition?  
  2. A second factsheet, released on April 14, focuses on the blending of hydrogen into the existing gas gridwhat is the relation between the debate on hydrogen blending and the future of the European gas grid? How does blending affect the efficient use of hydrogen and the efficient delivery of energy through the gas grid, and who should pay for it?
  3. A third factsheet, released on April 21, focuses on the contested role of hydrogen for heating: can heat generation through hydrogen contribute to the achievement of climate targets? And what would it mean for consumers and infrastructure operators?  
  4. A fourth factsheet, released on April 28, looks at infrastructure needs for hydrogen deploymentto what extent does the existing gas grid need to be re-built to accommodate hydrogen? And how should this be planned?


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