#EU60: The EU, this life-changing experience

#EU60: The EU, this life-changing experience

At the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome, several E3G staff share their thoughts and feelings about the European Union, and their European identity.

“What would you say to convince the stranger you have just met in the street that the European Union is a good thing?” – asked my friend. The answer came out very naturally. I just had to look back at the last years of my life and share how the freedoms and rights gained thanks to the European Union have made me the person I am today.

I spent 9 months in Estonia during my bachelor in Italy. There, I met people coming from all the corners of the world, I shared with them joyful moments and I learnt a lot about their culture. During these months, I have been able to travel in five different countries, without requesting any visa or using my passport. It made me realise how close we are to each other, and how the EU has made it easy to encounter one’s neighboor.

My experience in Estonia proved me that the European Union was an amazing opportunity to progress, together, towards a better world. The wish to be part of this project convinced me to leave Italy and come to Brussels, where I am completing my studies and where I hope to find a job through wich I can contribute in this fascinating, yet complex machine.

If I had to convince someone in the street, I would like him to be in my shoes so he would see the world as I see it. It should be enough to convince him. If not, I could describe the face of astonishment of my grandparents when they hear how many things I can do nowadays; how many freedoms and rights we have won thanks to the European Union. I crossed many borders, yet I never felt far from home: that’s why in am proud and honoured to be European.


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