E3G’s 2019-2020 Annual Review

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E3G’s mission is dedicated to achieving “a safe climate for all”. This mission shifts E3G’s focus from accelerating the pace of climate transitions to helping to drive the necessary action to deliver a climate outcome that works for everyone. Climate safety requires the fastest possible transition to net zero to avoid unacceptable risks of climate and societal tipping points.

Climate safety for all means supporting basic rights to fair transitions and protection from climate impacts. Climate safety acknowledges that fairness between and within countries underpins the rules-based cooperation needed to stabilise the climate. E3G achieves this impact through activities in four areas:

  1. Building stronger political and strategic analysis capability
  2. Better tackling structural political barriers and risks to climate safety
  3. Building of whole society governance for economic system reform
  4. Building stronger global cooperation for climate transitions.

The next decade is critical for delivering climate safety. Transforming our societies and economies will require new strategies and capacities. E3G is responding to this challenge to rapidly create and deploy innovative solutions to the climate crisis.

Our work puts political economy and governance at the centre of our programmes, which span geopolitics and climate diplomacy, sustainable finance, the fossil fuel transition, the clean economy, and risk and resilience. Our work is connected in its ability to leverage the biggest impacts for solving climate change.

2019-2020 was a productive period for us at E3G. We provided analysis and advice to the UK Government, with strategic recommendations for the UK COP Presidency and Boris Johnson’s 10 Point Plan. In the EU, E3G’s research and advocacy culminated in a major reorientation of EU infrastructure policies and energy diplomacy away from supporting fossil fuels; helped shape EU Green Recovery and Just Transition packages; and led the EU-wide campaign supporting ‘Fit for 55’. In the USA, President Biden’s election win provided a positive signal for climate policy and action, with the US subsequently re-joining the Paris Agreement.

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