Climate and security ambition in EU’s Russian gas phase-out

The image shows the red and white striped chimneys of a gas power plant in Penza, Russia. - EU's Russian gas phase-out
Gas power plant in the municipality of Penza, Russia. Photo by Pavel Neznanov on Unsplash.

The reduction of the EU’s dependency on Russian gas should lead to a new impulse in renewable energy deployment and implementation of energy efficiency measures. In this briefing, E3G and Ember explore the potential consequences of the EU’s Russian gas phase-out plans, especially for the EU power sector, and how this can open a new chapter in the EU’s climate ambitions and geopolitical position.

The elements explored in this briefing are:

  1. How ambition to phase out Russian gas dependency is increasing
  2. How Russian gas phase-out is bringing higher renewables and energy efficiency targets within reach
  3. How phasing out Russian gas imports can boost the EU’s global leadership
  4. How the reduction of the EU’s energy system exposure to Russian gas will require a solid implementation framework in the new renewables and energy efficiency Directives

Read the joint briefing of E3G and Ember on here.


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