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Matt Webb

Senior Associate

Matt Webb

Matt Webb is a Senior Associate at E3G, where he leads on International Coal Diplomacy. He is currently on secondment to E3G from the UK Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Prior to joining E3G Matt has worked on a range of climate and energy policy areas within the UK Government since 2003. This includes domestic energy efficiency (including the Bonfield Review), domestic heat policy and 2050 Pathways analysis. 

Working at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Matt led a diplomatic campaign to secure support for the demonstration of Carbon Capture and Storage, which was pivotal in securing the creation of the NER 300 funding in 2008-09. Matt had previously helped establish the UK and EU Near Zero Emissions Coal collaboration with China, while working within the International Climate Change team at Defra in 2005-6.

Matt has a degree in Chemistry from Oxford University and a PhD in Physical Chemistry from Cambridge University.