A new climate politics must make the necessary possible

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The State of Climate Politics Forum 2024 makes space to talk about the politics and geopolitics of climate action.

By Karla Hill and Nick Mabey

Moving the Political Barriers to Climate Action

2024 is a year of mass democracy with elections across the world. But meeting the climate imperative has never looked more daunting. We know barriers to climate action now are political and institutional not technical or economic. How do leaders – facing accelerating climate impacts and fractured politics – find a way to make vital institutional, economic and societal changes possible?

As E3G marks 20 years of climate action, the State of Climate Politics Forum is a new forum for an urgent conversation with leading global voices taking stock of the politics and geopolitics of climate action now. We will examine how climate issues are shaping and being impacted by broader international and national politics. And we will create the dialogue needed to define a new climate politics that makes the necessary possible.

Understanding the Political Challenge

Rooted in the insight that political and institutional challenges are the main barriers to effective climate action, the forum aims to improve mainstream analysis, debate, and solutions to these complex and difficult issues. While technological and economic solutions are available, they are not being deployed quickly enough due to real political and institutional obstacles.

The climate challenge requires the rebuilding of energy, industrial, urban, transportation, agricultural, and natural systems globally within three decades – and requires immediate action in this decade. Meeting this challenge demands unprecedented political coordination among 195 countries, driven by common purpose and ecological imperatives. Despite extensive analysis and activity, there is limited focus on the state and practice of climate politics.

A new forum for debate and conversation

The State of Climate Politics Forum aims to fill this gap by providing space for debate and discussion among politicians, decision-makers, thinkers, and media commentators. The forum will address current issues in politics and climate action. And the format will invite and enable input from a global audience gathered in London to ask questions, solve problems and define new understandings.

As geopolitics and politics make dramatic shifts, it is even more important for those working to deliver climate transitions to organize, debate, discuss and make their voices heard. The forum will bring together experts from across politics, foreign policy, international institutions, civil society, and the private sector.

Climate politics in 2024, year of democracy

Set against the backdrop of a year marked by numerous global elections and turbulent geopolitics, the State of Climate Politics Forum in 2024 address current issues in climate and political and geopolitical landscapes. A new European Parliament has been elected with gains in some countries from parties skeptical of faster climate action. The UK is in the middle of an election campaign where net zero is being portrayed as a cost. All eyes are on the US election which will have a global impact on climate politics. New governments are forming in South Africa, India and Indonesia following elections with implications for climate action.

2024 sees the geopolitics of international finance reform at the top of the climate agenda while increasing competition is pitting commerce against climate as clean technology booms in China.

Contributions from Leaders and Experts

Prominent speakers at the forum will include Jennifer Morgan, German Climate Envoy, David Lammy UK Labour/Shadow Foreign Secretary, Vera Songwe, Co-Chair High Level Expert Panel on Climate Finance, Kurt Vandenberghe, Director General DG Clima European Commission, Kevin Magron, French Climate Ambassador, Tomas Ankers Christensen, Climate Ambassador for Denmark and Rachmat Kaimuddin, Indonesia Deputy Minister Infrastructure and Transportation. The forum will feature audience participation, ensuring a dynamic and interactive environment for assembled guests.

Moving forward

This forum brings together considerable insight and inspiration to animate this crucial conversation at this moment of change in the EU and as we approach a pivotal moment for climate ambition and action on the global stage in 2025. Global leaders need a platform for understanding and addressing the political barriers to climate action. By bringing together a diverse range of voices, the State of Climate Politics Forum seeks to shape the future of global climate politics and ensure that effective climate action becomes a reality.

This year, 250 guests from governments, international institutions, embassies, business, media, academia and civil society will gather in London for the forum. Our aim is that this becomes an annual flagship event taking place during London Climate Action Week, one of the world’s largest independent climate festivals and a hub for innovation, debate and leading action on climate change. In its 6th year, LCAW 2024 takes place 22 June to 30 June 2024, harnessing London’s connectivity for ambitious climate action.


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