John Ashton’s new appointment: Global Media Response

John Ashton’s new appointment: Global Media Response

The announcement earlier this month that E3G Chief Executive John Ashton is to join the UK Foreign and Commonwealth office as Special Representative for Climate Change has been picked up around the world.

The story was first reported by BBC news, and made the webpages of The Mirror as ‘DIPLOMAT ON GLOBAL WARMING’.

The Reuters report has been published by both and The Scotsman.

More individualised reports have also appeared in The Times of India, Daily India and New Kerala as ‘Britain to talk to India on climate change’; while People’s Daily Online (China) returns to the standard report of ‘Beckett appoints new climate change representative’. Other reports also appeared by IOL (South Africa) and China Broadcast.

The news also reached the briefings section of Green Futures magazine; the Environment news service; DODS online political biographies, and IISD’s Linkages site. Public Sector news service also featured an interview with John Ashton as he took up his appointment.


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