International clean energy collaboration to drive deep decarbonisation

APR 20 International Clean Energy Collaboration to Drive Deep Decarbonization
International Clean Energy Collaboration to Drive Deep Decarbonization
09:30 20 Apr 2021 Washington DC


On Tuesday, 20 April at 9:30 am EDT / 2:30 pm BST, E3G is hosting a panel session to discuss international clean energy collaboration to drive deep decarbonisation.

The upcoming Leaders Summit on Climate is reconvening the Major Economies Forum (MEF). Now that the US is back, what changes will we see on the world stage?

This event will explore how to integrate MEF with other processes accelerating clean tech deployment.

How will it complement the Clean Energy Ministerial, Mission Innovation and others that have maintained momentum over the last four years? What is the role of subnational governments and the private sector in the drive for deep decarbonisation?

Panellists will include representatives of governments, international clean energy institutions, and business and civil society groups.

Confirmed panellists

David Turk, Deputy Secretary of Energy, who will discuss how the US sees the focus, composition and activity of the “new MEF”, given the changes in the global economy and geopolitics since MEF was first launched.

Patrick Child, Chairman of Mission Innovation and Deputy Director-General of the EU’s Directorate-General on Research and Innovation.

Lisa Jacobson, Executive Director of the Business Council for Sustainable Energy.

Edward Webber, Deputy Director, International Climate Action, and International Climate Campaigns and COP team (I3C), UK Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).


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