Finance and Climate: Priorities for the 2021 UK G7 Presidency


In 2021, through its G7 Presidency, the UK can be one of the countries that leads the world’s response to a set of converging crises for the international community, including (but not limited to) crises of human health, economic development, and climate change.

The G7 must make progress in averting crises of financing for sustainable recovery around the world, while also ensuring that recovery is sustainable and advancing financial system reforms that will build future resilience. Meeting these challenges will require synchronised reform to macroeconomic management, financial policy and financial institutions.

This briefing, prepared by E3G, identifies three key priorities for the UK’s G7 Presidency in terms of finance actions that support economic sustainability:

  1. Key steps for greening the recovery
  2. Advancing financial system reform for sustainability
  3. International cooperation on finance to address immediate and long-term sustainable development needs

Read the full briefing here.


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