E3G seeking experienced leader to chair our board

2E3G-About_E3G retreat 2022 Lisa

E3G are looking to recruit an experienced leader, passionate about solving the climate crisis, to chair their Board.

To support our expanded structure, E3G has reorganised their leadership and evolved their governance, bringing fresh external insight onto the Board and enhancing functional expertise in key areas. The Chair will therefore provide leadership at a critical moment in E3G’s history – as we consolidate their now larger organisation, and continue to provide meaningful and relevant solutions to climate change, form effective partnerships, influence stakeholders, and explore new models for E3G to influence and inform positive change.

In addition to your personal commitment to E3G’s mission and values and governance experience, you as candidates should bring a successful track record of strategic leadership in an international context, whether public or private sector, and evidence of managing and influencing multiple, complex and significant stakeholders. 

If you are interested in this important role – please contact Emily Nevins or Emma Jamison at Gattenby Sanderson [here] ahead of the 21 July deadline.


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