E3G’s current recruitment round: deadline dates for diaries


In this pivotal year for climate, E3G is recruiting across its programmes. Here’s a snapshot of imminent recruitment deadlines for applications.

The table below provides a handy overview of roles we are currently recruiting for – broken down by grade, programme and location. Most Researcher, Policy Advisor and Senior Researcher roles’ application windows are closing on the 10th of January. Senior Policy Advisor and other roles are due to close, with an extended recruitment deadline, on the 17th of January.

Click on the job titles to see the job descriptions, requirements and how to apply. The teams at E3G look forward to your applications.

RolesFossil Fuel TransitionClean EconomySustainable FinanceGeopolitics, Diplomacy & Security
Senior Policy AdvisorsEnergy Diplomacy (BER); 17.01.21

Clean Economy (BER); 17.01.21

Place-Based Transitions (BXL); 17.01.21

Gas Politics (BXL); 17.01.21
COP26 Energy Transition (LDN); 17.01.21
Policy Advisors & Senior ResearchersEnergy & Green Deal (BER); 10.01.21

Place-Based Transitions & Energy Systems (BXL); 10.01.21

Industry Transition (BXL); 10.01.21

European Green Deal Trade & Competition Policy (BXL); 10.01.21

Oil & Gas Politics (LDN); 10.01.21

Macroeconomics (flexible); 10.01.21
COP26 Energy Transition (LDN); 17.01.21
ResearchersFossil Transition (flexible); 10.01.21European Green Deal & Society (BXL); 10.01.21

Macroeconomics (LDN); 10.01.21

Place-Based Transitions (LDN); 10.01.21
Sustainable Finance (BXL); 09.01.21
FlexibleChina Energy Transition Diplomacy (flexible); 17.01.21

India Energy Transition Diplomacy (flexible); 17.01.21


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