E3G’s Clean Economy team is hiring


E3G’s Clean Economy team is excited to be recruiting for several new roles. Our aim is to ensure we have the political and economic conditions for the transition to a climate neutral world. We seek to enable politics, societies and the economy to change, and do this by ensuring the institutions and instruments are in place to facilitate this. Our toolkit includes thought leadership, high quality analysis, strategy development and convening stakeholders.

During 2021 we will be focusing on: 

  • Making sure the global economic environment, and actions taken in the European Green Deal and individual countries, will help build climate neutral and climate resilient economies 
  • Updating the energy system in Europe and globally to be on track to net- zero greenhouse gas emissions 
  • Taking a place-based approach to change and to delivery, including through the EU’s Renovation Wave.

Our work involves both political advocacy and the underpinning research, and this is reflected in the roles we are advertising here. The emphasis for research is to inform policy outcomes and developing innovative insights into the political economy of the transition. The emphasis for policy advice is to focus on reaching the outcome by building coalitions, developing persuasive narratives, and creating advocacy strategies. Click through the linked jobs below to find more information on the roles of Researcher, Senior Researcher, Policy Advisor and Senior Policy Advisor. 

E3G values diversity and welcomes applications from all qualified candidates regardless of age, gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion or ethnic background. We are happy to discuss flexible working arrangements if this enables you to apply. 

You are welcome to apply to more than one role. If you do so, please specify this in your application and email subject line and ensure your cover letter addresses the requirements and motivation for all roles. Please email your application in English to jobs@e3g.orgwith the subject line ‘job title, first name, last name’.

Please include: 

  1. A CV of maximum two pages; 
  2. A cover letter of maximum one page outlining your motivation for the job. Please combine the CV and cover letter into one file.
  3. An indication of when you would be able to start in the cover letter; 
  4. And please let us know where you saw the roles advertised.

Where the location is specified, you must have the right to work there. Roles will be added in the days and weeks ahead, so do bookmark this page and revisit it to see updates.

Researcher roles

  • European Green Deal & Society (Brussels): Skilled analyst to inform our thought leadership on the European Green Deal’s social dimensions, focusing on issues such as social contract, just transition, energy poverty, citizens’ and workers’ rights, and consumer protection. Closing date: 10 January, 2021
  • Place-Based Transitions (London): Skilled analyst to support our work on place-based transitions, particularly around decarbonising buildings, as the UK moves towards zero emissions. Closing date: 10 January, 2021
  • Macroeconomics (London): To support our thought leadership informing the adjustments needed in traditional macroeconomics to build the future clean economy. This will involve research on the macroeconomic impacts of climate change more broadly. Closing date: 10 January, 2021

Senior Researcher roles

  • Oil & Gas Politics (London): Analyst and advocate to develop E3G’s work on gas politics and the UK oil and gas transition. This role could also be a Policy Advisor role. Closing date: 10 January, 2021
  • Place-Based Transitions & Energy Systems (Brussels): Experienced and creative analyst and thought leader to build evidence base for driving both agendas forward together. Closing date: 10 January, 2021

Policy Advisor roles

  • Energy & Green Deal (Berlin): A strategic thinker to develop E3G’s work on the German energy transition and the European Green Deal, in relation to infrastructure choices, the future of gas and building an active coalition of clean economy actors. Closing date: 10 January, 2021
  • Industry Transition (Brussels): An experienced Brussels-based practitioner to shape the transformation of European industry in line with a climate-neutral Europe. Closing date: 10 January, 2021
  • European Green Deal – Trade & Competition Policy (Brussels): A strategic thinker to shape the transformation of European trade and competition policy in line with a climate-neutral Europe. Closing date: 10 January, 2021
  • Macroeconomics (location flexible): to support stakeholder engagement and provide analysis informing our work on fiscal space globally and within the EU, and the role of the Bretton Woods Institutions in debt architecture. Closing date: 10 January, 2021

Senior Policy Advisor roles (extended deadlines)

  • Place-Based Transitions (Brussels): A strategic thinker to develop E3G’s programme of work on distributed, localised green infrastructure and governance, including a focus on Europe’s ‘Renovation Wave’. Closing date: 17 January, 2021
  • Gas Politics (Brussels or able to travel there frequently): A strategic and innovative thinker to develop E3G’s work on the transition of the gas sector in Europe. Closing date: 17 January, 2021
  • Energy Diplomacy (Berlin): An experienced strategist and advocate to develop solutions for a climate-compatible transition of the EU’s energy diplomacy and the offer by public financial institutions. Closing date: 17 January, 2021


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