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E3G evidence cited in Parliament Report on UK aid for combating climate change

E3G evidence cited in Parliament Report on UK aid for combating climate change

A Parliamentary report was launched today on UK aid for combatting climate change. E3G’s CEO Nick Mabey and Senior Policy Advisor Dr Helena Wright provided extensive evidence to the House of Commons International Development Committee inquiry into UK Aid.

The report by the International Development Committee calls on the UK Government to set an example and provide international leadership to realign the focus of aid policy, strategy and funding, to place climate change at the centre.

E3G Senior Policy Advisor, Helena Wright said:

The emergency on climate change is clear and the UK must take action to place climate change at the centre of all overseas spending – including in UK Export Finance. In particular, the UK should use its shareholding at the major development banks to shape more ambitious climate reforms. Development banks can play a key role in scaling up finance to meet the 1.5 degree climate goal.

E3G Policy Advisor, Louise Burrows said:

This report reaffirms the UKs contradictory role in trying to combat climate change whilst still supporting fossil fuels via its export finance and prosperity fund. Given the urgency and scale of the challenge, the UK government must adopt cross-governmental policies that integrate and prioritise climate change across all types of overseas spending, and that instruct for the simultaneous phase out of fossil fuel support. Such steps will advance the UK’s international leadership on climate change, presenting opportunities to develop greater international collaboration and action on the issue.

The report, UK aid for combatting climate change, can be read here.


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