E3G discusses Extinction Rebellion protests in media


As climate protests continue across London, E3G’s CEO Nick Mabey and Chairman Tom Burke have been making several media appearances. They’ve been busy discussing Extinction Rebellion, the truth about climate change, the need for a citizen’s assembly and what the protests have achieved so far.

Explore their media appearances here:

Tom Burke on LBC reflecting on the message of Extinction Rebellion.

Helena Wright on France24 discusses climate protests.

Tom Burke on LBC discussing what the climate protests have achieved so far.

Nick Mabey on LBC discussing the success of Extinction Rebellion in getting climate change back on the agenda and the need for a citizen’s assembly.

Tom Burke on BBC Radio London discussing impact of climate change protests.

Tom Burke on Sky News discussing the possibility of meeting Extinction Rebellion demands.

Tom Burke on LBC discussing Extinction Rebellion and the need for better political leadership.


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