Creating new electricity markets in Europe to meet energy policy challenges

Creating new electricity markets in Europe to meet energy policy challenges

Explaining the Electricity Market Reform Landscape

Liberalised electricity markets have existed around the world for over two decades and have delivered many benefits to consumers. However, in some regions we are now witnessing calls for reform of these markets to meet the three major challenges of the future: security of supply, environmental objectives and affordability.

GE and E3G have joined forces to publish a new report that discusses how the creation of new electricity markets is shaping opportunities and challenges for demand-side participation and power generation investment in Europe. The report is attached for download and was officially launched at E3G Brussels on Wednesday 17th April 2013, in association with the Irish Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The presentation of the launch event is also attached and the programme is detailed below.

The launch also featured discussion of the future for European electricity markets with speakers from Eirgrid, GDF SUEZ and DG Energy at the European Commission.


11h45 Registration

12h00 Welcome by Michael Goodwin, Energy Attaché to the Irish Embassy in Brussels

12h15 “Creating New Electricity Markets in Europe”, presentation by authors Markus Becker (GE) and Simon Skillings (E3G)

12h30 Panel discussion chaired by Markus Becker, Director Government Affairs & Policy, GE

Q&A with

  • Jon O’Sullivan – Manager Sustainable Power Systems,
  • Eirgrid, Oliver Koch – Deputy Head of Electricity Markets Unit, European Commission
  • Therese Jerome – Senior Advisor to European Institutions, GDF SUEZ,
  • Simon Skillings – Third Generation Environmentalism (E3G)

14h00 Close


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