The End of Foreign Policy?

The End of Foreign Policy?

During 2001, the founders of E3G contributed to the influential pamphlet ‘The End of Foreign Policy?: British Interests, Global Linkages and Natural Limits’ published by Peter Hain MP. This set out the ways in which foreign policy, and foreign ministries, would need to be re-cast in an interdependent and highly connected world. As a direct result two EU states restructured their foreign ministries.

A pdf version of the pamphlet is attached for download.

Copies of the printed version of the pamphlet are available for purchase from Chatham House.


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Building a resilient Road to Belem
Walking through the flooding in the city of Jakarta. The power of the London re/insurance market, combined with the strengths of the global resilience community, can act as a powerful force in driving resilience and adaptation action.
LCAW | Resilience and Adaptation Summit
15:30 29 Jun 2023 Howden Group Office, One Creechurch Place, London, EC3A 5AY

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