Phasing down gas use in Europe

Benchmarks for gas in Fit for 55

Old natural gas well against a blue sky with clouds. They machinery is green and rusted. It is built on a grassy slope.
Old natural gas well. Photo via Adobe Stock.

Fossil gas is the next frontier for energy systems decarbonisation, already responsible for a quarter of the CO2 emissions in the EU. Experts are clear: to keep in line with the Paris Agreement objectives, global fossil gas consumption must fall by around a third by 2030, and almost entirely by 2050. Policy choices taken in the coming months will need to create the conditions of a rapid phase-down of this energy source.

This briefing provides five benchmarks for a successful transition away from fossil gas in the EU legislation.

  1. Strengthening competition between energy solutions
  2. Enabling a socially just transition away from gas
  3. Focusing renewable hydrogen on hard-to-electrify end-uses
  4. Giving a central role to an independent governance body supporting the transition
  5. Clearly communicating the EU’s pathway globally and supporting the transition of impacted partners

Read the briefing in full.


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