Benchmarks for a social Fit For 55 package

A group of people hold hands in the park
A group of people hold hands in the park. Photo via Adobe.

With the Fit for 55 package, the European Union (EU) is embarking on a deep transformation of its economy which, in turn, will imply profound changes for society. This briefing proposes five benchmarks alongside concrete recommendations to strengthen the social dimension of the package – a prerequisite to its success.

European institutions will spend at least the next two years negotiating the wide-ranging reform of the EU’s flagship climate, energy, transport, and industry policies. Social acceptance will be fundamental not only to the negotiations, but also to the successful implementation of the package. Broad-based support will depend on:

  1. How citizens perceive the benefits arising from the package
  2. How the package will manage the transition of regions, sectors, and workers from old to new technologies and production processes
  3. How much confidence the package can garner in the governance framework supporting it
  4. How the package enables more inclusive and participatory climate action
  5. How the package is perceived in terms of fairness between Member States

Read the briefing in full.

This project has received funding from the LIFE Programme of the European Union.


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