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The role of the World Bank Group

The picture shows solar panel used for lighting village homes in Sri Lanka.
Solar panel used for lighting village homes in Sri Lanka. Photo: © Dominic Sansoni / World Bank on Flickr.

The World Bank Group (WBG) is undertaking an extensive reform process to more effectively address climate change and other global challenges. One way it can play a stronger role in driving climate action is through systematic engagement with country platform approaches such as Just Energy Transition Partnerships (JETPs). Our report shows how the Bank can develop its existing operational models and diagnostic tools to support country platforms in tackling the multiple challenges the world faces.

The World Bank’s country engagement model can form the basis for more systemic support for JETPs and other country platforms. The Bank can help countries in setting and financing ambitious climate goals while addressing barriers to private finance mobilisation. 

The World Bank can also play a role as a global knowledge partner that is separate from JETP donor and recipient countries. The Bank can use robust and inclusive diagnostics – such as the recently developed Country Climate and Development Reports – to support the development of country platforms. 

We recommend that the World Bank shares a vision in its new Evolution Roadmap on the role it sees for itself in supporting JETPs and other country platforms. We specifically propose that the World Bank: 

  1. Engage structurally in the development of JETPs and country platforms. The World Bank Group has a wide range of financial, advisory and knowledge tools as well as the expertise to significantly enhance future JETPs. 
  2. Develop joint-MDB just energy transition diagnostics. The World Bank should build on its experience to initiate and deliver diagnostics aimed at countries that are exploring opportunities for a JETP. 
  3. Support sharing of JETP and country platform experiences. The World Bank can offer a global, multilateral platform to share best practices and lessons learnt between JETP countries and other countries looking to accelerate their just energy transitions.

Our report makes further specific recommendations relating to the World Bank’s diagnostics and operations that will allow it to strengthen its support for climate action. 

Read our full report here.

Over the course of the past year, E3G has worked on several papers related to the World Bank Evolution Roadmap. These papers reflect E3G’s views on the potential for the World Bank to evolve its mission, strategies and operations to become a driving force among the MDBs on climate action. The papers are the result of an ongoing dialogue with the World Bank and its shareholders, as well as collaborations with other civil society organisations such as the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). 

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