Green Recovery for practitioners

Examples from around the world for building forward better

A worker cleans solar panels in the desert
A worker cleans solar panels in the desert. Photo: Dennis Schroeder/NRE via GIZ

The following report, written in partnership with GIZ, presents a compilation of examples that can inspire the practical implementation of a green recovery, drawing upon measures and instruments that have been deployed in countries worldwide, particularly in developing and emerging economies.

The collection comprises 23 examples from more than 19 countries. The snapshots cover a range of information, including the actors and sectors involved; expected outcomes and overarching themes; a brief summary of the respective green recovery measures, taking into consideration what it seeks to achieve, how decisions were arrived at and how initiatives are being delivered; implementation to date; and any lessons and conclusions that can be drawn so far. They reinforce the important aspect of learning from past crises and building on existing green economy tools and approaches for just and environmentally sustainable development that generates economic prosperity through green activities.

The case studies are organised into six thematic areas:

  • Alignment and reform of national planning (Colombia, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Jordan, Nigeria, Rwanda)
  • Economic, monetary and fiscal tools (European Union, Peru)
  • Just transition and employment (Chile; Ethiopia, Ghana, & Kenya; New Zealand; South Africa)
  • Local action and sustainable urban development (Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, & Peru; Kenya, Mexico, Uruguay)
  • Nature-based solutions, supporting biodiversity and sustainable agriculture (Ethiopia, India, Jamaica, Pakistan)
  • International cooperation and financing (Rwanda, Global)

Read the report in full here.


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