Future System Operator: second policy consultation and project update

E3G submission to the UK government's consultation

solar panel
A young girl removes snow from a solar panel at a new power plant in Balcombe, United Kingdom. Photo by 10 10 on flickr. 

Government and Ofgem previously set out a commitment to create a Future System Operator (FSO), as an expert, impartial body with responsibilities across both the electricity and gas systems, to drive progress towards net zero while maintaining energy security and minimising costs for consumers.

The FSO will be established in public ownership, in a way which ensures its independence – not only of asset ownership and other commercial energy interests, but also from day-to-day operational control of government. As a trusted and expert body at the centre of the gas and electricity systems, the FSO should ultimately be able to weigh up and advise on the impacts and trade-offs across energy vectors and plan our energy system from a more strategic, whole system perspective.

Our response to the consultation provides multiple views on the two proposed new policy areas for the FSO related to resilience and security, as well as on the update of the overall FSO project status, including implementation and potential future roles.

Read our full consultation response here


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