Climate action and the EU budget: key issues for the post-2020 Multiannual Financial Framework


The Multi-Annual Financial Framework (MFF) is a key instrument for the European Union to address major cross-border challenges, such as responding to climate change and the clean energy transition.

The European Union has committed itself to the decarbonisation of its economy. The post-2020 MFF will need to fully reflect Paris Agreement commitments and the EU’s climate and energy policies. As such, it must have a strong overall coherence to ensure that funds are spent in an efficient and targeted way.

Globalisation and technology change bring along important challenges, but also numerous opportunities.

The clean energy transition has the potential to make technology change work for vulnerable sectors of society such as low-income households, local actors and SMEs. The post-2020 MFF needs to become an enabling framework for the decarbonisation of the economy to work for citizens.

The post-2020 budget needs to be mission-oriented, univocally supporting a more sustainable, stronger, low-carbon economy. Living up to its climate and energy commitments is the best way for the European Union to address most of its societal and economic challenges in a comprehensive and holistic way.

Read the full background brief here.


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