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UK approves world leading carbon emissions reduction target

UK approves world leading carbon emissions reduction target

London, 30/6/16

The UK Government today accepted the advice of the Committee on Climate Change and approved their recommendation for the Fifth Carbon Budget, committing the UK to reduce its carbon emissions by 57% by 2032, on 1990 levels.


Tom Burke, Chairman of the UK climate and energy think tank E3G said:

“This decision demonstrates that despite Brexit the UK will continue to be a world leader in tackling climate change. But it will mean that the Government will have to double down on a new cost effective energy strategy which reduces reliance on imported gas. This means it must make energy efficiency an infrastructure priority to slash energy demand in UK homes by half. This would significantly reduce energy bills and fuel poverty and could generate £8 billion in net economic returns. No other infrastructure investment can deliver so much for so many, generating jobs in every constituency across the UK.”

Sepi Golzari-Munro, Head of the UK programme at E3G said:

“Amber Rudd has demonstrated strong leadership in leaderless times. This unequivocal move provides much needed investor certainty and is the first step to ensuring the UK continues to benefit from the jobs and growth offered through the low carbon economy. The plan to implement the fourth and fifth carbon budgets must now provide detail of not only the policies required, but also the finance to deliver on the UK’s ambition.”



Tom Burke, Chairman, +44 (0)7710 627 617,

Sepi Golzari-Munro, Head of the UK Programme, +44 (0)7867 314 004,

Notes to Editors

  • E3G is an independent global think tank, working to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy. E3G specializes in climate diplomacy, climate risk, energy policy and climate finance.
  • In 2016, E3G was ranked the number one environmental think tank in the UK by the Go To Think Tank Index, second in Europe and sixth in the World.


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