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Treat climate and energy like security in Brexit negotiations

Treat climate and energy like security in Brexit negotiations

As leaders prepare to convene for the European Council meeting next week, E3G, one of Europe’s leading climate change think tanks, has called on them to prioritise a cooperation track on climate and energy in Brexit negotiations, in a similar approach to that taken for defence, organised crime and data protection.

E3G states that the key outcome of this track should be a dedicated climate and energy chapter, covering both trade and non-trade issues and included in the Future Relationship Agreement.

Combatting climate change and decarbonising the energy system are intricately linked and many major stakeholders believe these issues must be negotiated as part of a package. If Brexit negotiators fail to do this there is a risk that the decarbonisation of the European energy system could be put in jeopardy.

E3G has set out its recommendations for the key outcomes that should be secured as part of that chapter. To be effective it should ensure:

  • The EU and UK agree to establish a joint Ministerial Council on Climate Change
  • The EU and UK agree to continued joint fulfilment of their Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) within the Paris Climate Change Agreement
  • The UK agrees to continue to report its annual emission reductions to the EU with regard to the “at least 40% emissions reduction target” in the 2030 Climate and Energy Package
  • The UK commits to remain a Member of the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme
  • The UK shall continue to participate in the EU Internal Energy Market (IEM)
  • The EU and UK agree to establish a joint Ministerial Council on energy policy
  • State Aid rules continue to apply to the UK with regard to the Internal Energy Market (IEM)
  • The UK continues to fully participate in appropriate technical bodies with regard to the internal energy market including ACER, ENTSO-E, ENTSOG. The EU and UK commit to amending the appropriate Articles of association to create a new category of “Founding Member”
  • The EU and UK commit to agreeing a joint energy security treaty
  • The EU and UK commit to establishing a subsidiary of the European Investment Bank (EIB) in the UK.

Jonathan Gaventa, a Director of E3G said:

The greatest long-term threat European citizens face is climate change and our leaders must defend their interests decisively. The vital importance of climate and energy issues to European security mean that it must be prioritised.

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