Top 10 articles of 2014

Top 10 articles of 2014

As we welcome the beginning of 2015, we look back at 2014 and our best bits with a recap on our most-read articles of the year.

1. Shale gas: four myths and a truth
Our top article featured a paper we released in March aiming to dispel the myths of fracking in the UK. The infographic which accompanied it was very successful and visually demonstrated the benefits of an energy revolution driven by interconnenction, energy efficiency, and renewable energy rather than fracking.

2. China’s Green Credit Policy Agenda provides the basis for financing a Low Carbon Growth Path
Our policy paper released in July focuses on China and identifies potential opportunities for integrating green finance within China’s broader economic and financial reform. It is available in English and Chinese.

3. Catalysing the financial ecosystem for climate finance
Ahead of the Green Climate Fund's (GCF) seventh board meeting in May, Amal-Lee Amin wrote a blog post on the fund's prospects and how best to catalyse the financial ecosystem.

4.Making sense of the numbers- What does the commission’s 30% energy efficiency target mean?
In September our report from the energy efficiency team deconstructed what the European Commission's 30% target actually translates to. They explained this with the help of another excellent infographic which breaks down the numbers and explains it more visually.

5. European elections 2014- What’s next for climate and energy in Europe?
Ahead of the European elections in May 2014, our briefing paper examined the likely outcomes of the elections the impact on EU responses to climate and energy issues.

6. E3G among top global environmental thinktanks
We celebrated in January 2014 when E3G was ranked as 15th in the Top 70 Environment Think Tanks by Pew Global Think Tank ratings.

7. How to build a north seas grid without regretting it
In July E3G and Imperial College London worked together to explore the risks and opportunities associated with designing the North Seas electricity grid using leading-edge computer modelling. E3G's report outlines the important decisions on grid development in the North Seas that will need to be taken before the amount of offshore wind and other renewable generation is fully known.

8. Europe dithers whilst the door closes on a 2 c future
Before the first round of announcements on the EU 2030 climate and energy package in January 2014, Nick Mabey wrote a commentary piece on the risks to Europe and it's citizens on failing to agree ambitious climate change targets.

9. Cracking the climate finance conundrum in 2014
In this commentary piece, Amal-Lee Amin reveals the importance of climate finance in 2014 ahead of the UN's climate talks in Paris in 2015.

10.Commissions proposals would lead to unmanageable climate risk
After the European Commission released weak targets for the EU 2030 climate and energy package in January 2014 E3G released this press release.


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