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This is the "worst possible" outcome for Vattenfall

This is the "worst possible" outcome for Vattenfall

Following the announcement that Vattenfall is set to be aquired, Sabrina Schulz Head of E3G's Berlin office said:

“This would be the worst possible outcome. The Swedish Government wants to come clean on carbon but is achieving the opposite. The transition out of coal will be difficult enough. It needs to be managed by responsible stakeholders. We can assume that this deal would be at the expense of either the environment or the workers or safety. The ultimate liabilities, not least for reclamation of the land, would end up with the state and hence the taxpayer. This would also undermine all the remarkable ongoing initiatives in Lusatia to prepare for a post-coal future.”

Our on going Coal Phaseout work is available here. We also have a 2015 Vattenfall paper which may be of interest.


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