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Mayor confirms London climate action week in 2019

Mayor confirms London climate action week in 2019

Greater London Authority (GLA) announces plans to host first-ever London climate action week in July 2019. London positions itself as hosting the leading global cluster of organisations and businesses addressing global climate change challenges.

E3G warmly welcomes the GLA’s announcement that it will host a London climate action week in July 2019.

This high-profile global event provides a fantastic opportunity for London to establish itself as the leading global centre for organisations working on climate change.

London climate action week will provide a focus for the cluster of world class organisations working on climate action globally to project their work, and by working together to more effectively help deliver more innovative solutions to the climate challenge.

London climate action week also aims to mobilise Londoners around the Mayor’s vision of a zero carbon London by 2050, and catalyze local action to deliver this ambitious goal.

London action week will be organised through a steering committee co-chaired by Shirley Rodrigues, Deputy Mayor for Environment and Energy, and Nick Mabey, CEO, E3G. It will bring together climate change specialists from a diverse range of businesses, institutions and communities from London and around the world. The gathering will showcase London’s world leading sectors solving climate challenges.

Along with its world-famous finance and insurance sectors, London is home to leading engineering and clean tech businesses. London is a world-class city with internationally acclaimed academic institutions, arts and cultural actors, non-governmental networks, public sector agencies, media and communication organisations all working on the cutting edge of global climate issues.

London’s climate action week aims to be accessible, lively, and most of all productive series of events which draws out new perspectives and practical, relevant solutions to global climate challenges.

Nick Mabey, Chief Executive of E3G and co-Chair of London climate week said:

Climate week will put a global spotlight on London’s world-leading cluster of businesses and institutions working to address global climate change. For too long London-based organisations have worked in isolation. This event will help them work better together on global climate solutions and to engage more effectively with peers from across the world.


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