Ingrid Holmes speaks at the Society of International Development in Amsterdam


While the immediate threat of complete paralysis in the financial system has passed, its effects linger on in the form of tumbling investment and low growth expectations both in the UK and in Europe as a whole. The irony in all of this is, of course, that investment is falling just at the time when record levels of capital need to be deployed. We are on the cusp of a period of transformational change in the global economy – as we shift from a focus on deploying high carbon to deploying low carbon technologies. And yet governments seem incapable of grasping the opportunities in front of them to drive growth, create jobs and deliver prosperity.

In her recent speech in Amsterdam to the Society of International Development, Ingrid Holmes argues that governments need to realise that in tackling effectively the big questions around fixing the finance system, we can also work to tackle the climate change challenge.

The full speech, which is reviewed positively by the Broker online, is attached along with a video of the event.


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