London Climate Action Week 2019

Photo by Tamara Menzi on Unsplash

The first ever London Climate Action Week will take place between 1-8 July 2019.

London Climate Week will bring together London’s climate expertise and talent from across sectors to focus on scaling up practical solutions and identifying new solutions to help cut carbon emissions to keep global temperature increases within 1.5 degrees and support the Paris Agreement.

London is a world leader in climate action. The city's businesses and organisations offer a hub of expertise in finding solutions to cutting carbon emissions and adapting to the impact of climate change both locally and globally.

In the run up to London Climate Action Week, E3G will be working with the Deputy Mayor for Energy and Environment, Shirley Rodrigues, to curate and coordinate an exciting schedule of events for the week. Working with people across a number of sectors in London and internationally, E3G will be busy connecting the climate community across the city to create collaborative solutions to global climate change problems.

Full list of E3G events available here.

Full list of events at London Climate Action week available on the GLA website here.

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