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Energy Security Strategy – E3G response

Energy Security Strategy – E3G response

The Energy Security Strategy, released today by the Government has failed to support the action needed to either get off Russian gas this year or bring down energy bills. Instead, it has given backing to an expansion of oil and gas, nuclear and hydrogen, none of which helps to address the immediate energy security or cost of living crises. 

Reacting to the energy security strategy, Ed Matthew, Campaigns Director at E3G said. 
“With no new support to save energy and by holding back on solar power and onshore wind, this strategy will do nothing to help the UK get off Russian gas this year. Instead, the government has prioritised policies that will keep us dependent on high-cost fossil fuels and nuclear power. This isn’t an energy security strategy and will do nothing to bring down energy bills. It is a national security threat and the person who will be happiest with it is Vladimir Putin.” 

On the lack of energy efficiency in the strategy, Juliet Phillips said: 
“Today’s Energy Security Strategy has failed to deliver for British families facing a cost-of-living crisis and done little to support a rapid shift from Russian energy imports. With estimates that one in three households could be left in fuel poverty this autumn, the focus should have been on rapid measures to boost energy security at home. However, the Prime Minister has let the Chancellor block any solutions which could have delivered tangible results this year. By instead emphasising on technologies which won’t deliver until far into the future, the government has both failed to meet the moment, and failed to read the mood of the nation.” 

On the failure to revisit onshore wind and the backing of North Seas Oil and Gas, Lisa Fischer, Programme Lead at E3G said: 
“This government is weak. Failing to back onshore wind despite it being cheapest is succumbing to backbench pressure at the expense of Britain’s communities and consumers.” 

“The future of the North Seas lies in renewables not in oil and gas. A push for offshore wind is welcome, but embracing oil and gas at the same time will act as a drag on the UK’s leap towards an affordable and clean energy future.” 

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Notes to Editors – Energy Security Strategy

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  3. E3G has published a table overviewing how long different technologies take to come on-line, and their potential energy bill saving. This will be a critical test of whether the Strategy is able to deliver rapid bill savings and support the shift off Russian imports this year.


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