E3G puts forward key principles for a robust post-2020 European climate and energy framework


E3G warmly welcomes the EU College of Commissioners’ initiative to discuss the post-2020 climate and energy framework on Wednesday 20 February. In order to support the discussion, E3G has set out the key principles to be considered throughout the debate to deliver a robust 2030 policy architecture which meets European climate, security and affordability objectives.

The principles include the need to recognise the success of the EU ETS and 2020 climate and energy package in kick-starting the European transition to a low carbon economy as well as spurring interest and ambition in various parts of the world. Yet, more is still needed for 2020 and E3G stresses the need to recover from current setbacks by urgently strengthening the EU ETS and tending to the lack of progress on carbon capture and storage.

E3G highly recommends the Commission to put a stronger emphasis on incentivising and delivering energy savings through a binding energy efficiency target for 2030, and address the energy intensive industry’s competitiveness concerns in an open and transparent fashion.

Finally, E3G encourages the continuation of the existing innovative financing programme for low carbon technologies, and enhanced support to infrastructure and demand-side technology deployment.

E3G wishes the College of Commissioners fruitful and successful discussions.


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