E3G appoints Nick Mabey and Shane Tomlinson as co-CEOs

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Nick Mabey co-founded E3G and has been CEO since 2006. Following his sabbatical in 2022, the E3G Board has appointed Shane Tomlinson and Nick Mabey as co-CEOs. The appointment gives E3G greater leadership capacity as it expands to help accelerate climate action in a volatile global context.


With volatility as the new normal, and E3G tripling in size since 2018, Nick Mabey and Shane Tomlinson will take on co-CEO roles to strengthen E3G’s leadership capacity during this critical period of accelerating climate action. 

Nick and Shane have worked together for over twenty years since they were colleagues in the UK government. Shane Tomlinson served as E3G’s acting CEO while Nick Mabey was on sabbatical in 2022. 

In the new structure, Shane Tomlinson will be responsible for leading E3G’s internal organisation, knowledge and talent management. 

Nick Mabey will be responsible for leading E3G’s external impact, relationships and communication. 

They will have joint responsibility for governance, strategy, development and fundraising. 

The co-CEO model has been implemented in several major climate and environment organisations over the last few years – notably Greenpeace International and Friends of the Earth EWNI.  

This model is also increasingly applied in creative and design firms of similar – and larger – size to E3G in the private sector. 

Quotes from co-CEOs

Nick Mabey and Shane Tomlinson, E3G co-CEOs said: 

“We are very excited about this next evolution of E3G and are looking forward to working together to deliver E3G’s mission. Stopping climate change requires rapid, fundamental change of every part of the economy & society. Our new roles provide the leadership capacity and collaborative example needed for E3G to play its full role in this transformation.” 

Tom Burke, Chair of the E3G board and co-founder said: 

“Keeping the climate safe demands an unprecedented scale of change to the energy system very quickly. Time, tide and the physics of carbon wait for no man. Shaping that change requires an exceptional breadth of leadership skills and capacity for creative innovation. As co-leaders Nick and Shane have the range of personal qualities and experience to provide that exceptional leadership.’ Tom Burke Chair of the E3G Board and co-founder.” 

Notes to Editors 

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