Greenhouse gas accounting at project and portfolio level

Paris alignmentReasoning
UnalignedGreenhouse gas accounting only appears to apply to mitigation projects and no inclusion threshold is suggested. It does not appear to have a portfolio level target to reduce emissions.
Year startedInclusion threshold (CO2e/ year)Sectors  
2011There does not appear to be an inclusion threshold. Projects appear to have to contribute to mitigation.Forests, transport, energy, sewage and urban sanitation.There does not appear to be an emission reduction target.


JICA estimates the greenhouse gas emissions reductions from all its projects that lead to climate mitigation and provides specific methodologies for sectors including forests, transport, energy, sewage and urban sanitation.

According to JICA’s cooperation on climate change document, greenhouse gas emissions reductions must be estimated as part of project feasibility studies. To do this JICA uses its Climate Change Finance Impact Tool for Mitigation and Adaptation (Climate-FIT). The tool’s methodology has been adapted to cover sectors including forests, transport, industry, energy, sewerage and urban sanitation. The methodology sheets published on the JICA website do not appear to mention a minimum project emissions reduction threshold for greenhouse gas accounting or a target for GHG emissions reductions.

Last Update: July 2021

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