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EU-China Cooperation

Working together for strategic action on climate change

The EU and China are two major contributors not only to the problem of but also solutions to climate change. In addition to the close trade and investment relationship, the EU and China are increasingly converging on other issues that are pertinent to global climate change and sustainable development i.e. energy and resource use. Both regions are also working towards a stronger rule-based international system and a multilateral world. With deeper mutual understanding and proactive engagement through better communication and cooperation, the EU and China can have a lot to offer to the world’s sustainable development.

Based on our previous work on Changing Climates, E3G aims to promote a more strategic cooperation between the EU and China on climate change. One of the most important win-win mechanisms is the EU-China Low Carbon Zones (LCZs). These zones will provide the test beds for innovative regulations, policy, standards and so on for low carbon development in China. They also allow a more coordinated cooperation and engagement from the European side, hence maximising impact and leverage. Crucially, experience and success stories from LCZs can be shared and duplicated in China and beyond.

With long-term decarbonisation plans and a focus on green growth, the EU and China are also natural partners in promoting and expanding the global market for low carbon goods and services. Furthermore, there are increasingly more in-depth and wide ranging cooperation between the two regions on a number of important areas, e.g. carbon capture and storage (CCS), emissions trading scheme (ETS), financial reform, power sector reform and etc. This alliance could and should provide a valuable currency to EU-China international relationship, including climate diplomacy. Better understanding of this dynamic and strategic relationship in the EU and the Chinese leadership will help build a more constructive and sustainable partnership. 

Our current projects:

Sino-European Partnership on Low Carbon and Sustainable Urban Development

Financing China’s Low Carbon Investment Agenda

EU-China Strategic Engagement

EU-China-US trilateral dialogue on climate change

EU-China cooperation on LCZs in Africa


Our past projects:

EU-China Low Carbon Zones in China (Jilin)

EU-China Low Carbon Technology and Investment Demonstration Zones  (LCTIDZs) scoping work

Emission Trading Scheme in Wuhan, Hubei

EU-China cooperation on CCS (NZEC)

Track II Diplomacy