Strategy and policy statement for energy policy in Great Britain

Response to Department for Energy Security and Net Zero consultation

The photo shows part of the Palace of Westminster in London, UK.
Part of the Palace of Westminster in London, United Kingdom. Photo by Hernán Piñera on flickr. 

The Energy Strategy and Policy Statement (ES&PS) is an important part of the policy and regulatory framework. It can improve the speed and consistency of the policy process and reduce the risks associated with increased central planning. A high-quality ES&PS is an opportunity for the UK to show international leadership in the governance of the energy transition.

E3G welcomes the move to publish an ES&PS. However, the current draft fails to deliver all the potential benefits. This consultation response explains how an ES&PS should be structured and identifies four changes that would significantly improve the current draft:

  • More clarity in the strategic objectives,
  • Setting out the approach to ensuring energy system resilience,
  • Quantified outcomes,
  • Identifying the key assumptions that underpin the outcomes.

Read our full consultation response with further crucial comments and recommendations on the ES&PS here.


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