International Climate Calendar

International Climate Calendar

Welcome to our E3G calendar of international climate events that are happening in the next 12 months. Keep checking back as the calendar will be updated regularly.

Don't forget to read our analysis of what needs to happen in 2014 to make it a successful year for climate in 'The Climate Calendar for 2014'.

Key to abbreviations

ALDE- Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe in the European Parliament
APEC- Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
AR5- Fifth Assessment Report (IPCC)
ASEAN- Association of Southeast Asian Nations
BKM – Ban Ki Moon
CION- Commission
EEAG- European Economic Advisory Group
EPP- European People’s Party
EED- Energy Efficiency Directive
ENVI- Environment
EP- European Parliament
IAB – International Advisory Board
ICAO – International Symposium on Aviation and Climate Change
IMF- International Monetary Fund
IPCC- Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
IRENA- International Renewable Energy Agency
ITRE- Industry, Research and Energy
SDGs- Sustainable Development Goals
SIDs – Small Island Developing States
UNEP- United Nations Environment Programme
UNFCCC- United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

LAST UPDATED: 03/09/2014


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