Environment and Business in the 21st Century

Environment and Business in the 21st Century

On the 9th November 2006, E3G’s Tom Burke gave the annual Barclay Foundation Lecture at Templeton College, Oxford.

Speaking on the topic of ‘Environment and Business in the 21st Century: Risks, Rewards and Responses’ Tom laid out his assessment of the challenge facing businesses and governments as they seek to tackle the hard politics of the environment.

An edited version of Tom’s speech was featured in the winter 2007 edition of the Templeton College Newsletter. The full text of Tom’s speech is attached in pdf format for download.


River Amazon Rainforest Trees
Building a resilient Road to Belem
Walking through the flooding in the city of Jakarta. The power of the London re/insurance market, combined with the strengths of the global resilience community, can act as a powerful force in driving resilience and adaptation action.
LCAW | Resilience and Adaptation Summit
15:30 29 Jun 2023 Howden Group Office, One Creechurch Place, London, EC3A 5AY

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