Climate Change: Why India needs to take leadership

Climate Change: Why India needs to take leadership

To mark the 60th anniversary of India’s independence, our partners at the Centre for Social Markets (CSM) have published a powerful new pamphlet calling for enlightened leadership on the greatest challenge facing our times – climate change.

Sixty years on from India’s Independence, the country is a rising global star with ambitions to match. But global climate change could wreck that rosy future.

As a tropical country with a long coastline and a large population, India could be amongst the worst affected. The time to act is now.

The pamphlet, authored by CSM Founder Malini Mehra, makes a powerful case for enlightened leadership from India’s political class on climate change. Calling it the challenge of a generation, it argues that climate change must be re-framed not as an agenda of fear and entitlement, but of growth and opportunity.

Addressing it now could be the best means for a country like India to secure peace, development and quality of life for its billion-plus people. If India truly aspires to greatness, there could be no other issue more timely or compelling.

This pamphlet is being issued as part of CSM’s Climate Challenge India initiative – a nationwide public engagement effort to generate positive action on climate change.

The first event in this series was held in Cochin in March of this year, and featured a keynote address from E3G Chief Executive Nick Mabey.

The pamphlet can be downloaded as a pdf file from the CSM website.


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