Chile: Identifying design options for Chile’s National Finance Strategy

Chile: Identifying design options for Chile’s National Finance Strategy

E3G is driving the process of identifying elements for Chile’s National Finance Strategy (NFS) in partnership with the Climate Change Office of the Ministry of Environment and with the Ministry of Finance in Chile. The project builds on E3G’s NFS study that included an initial scope of Chile’s climate ecosystem.

The project will help identifying options for Chile’s National Finance Strategy (NFS) in the short, medium and long term to support the country’s low-carbon and climate-resilient development.

Through strategic thinking on climate finance Chile will be better placed to implement climate change plans and have a good overview on how different stakeholders and initiatives fit into it.

The project aims to:

  • Assess the existing domestic climate finance ecosystem and policies related to financing a low-carbon and climate-resilient transition;
  • bring in UK and international experience on low carbon policies and financial institutions like the Green Investment Bank, in order to help Chile extract relevant lessons;
  • enhance collaboration between the public and private sector to understand needs and gaps of climate investment– including relevant ministries, project developers as well as financial institutions and investors;
  • provide options for Chile’s NFS as well as an action plan for its implementation by testing initial findings with key stakeholders to have a common understanding and agenda for Chile’s NFS.

Chile's NFS will show commitment and amplify the voice of progressive countries on the importance of having a strategic national financing approach and advancing the implementation of low-carbon and climate-resilient plans and programmes, attracting investments and the development of project pipelines.


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