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World bank and IMF Spring Meetings press briefing

Washington D.C., USA – January 12, 2020: The World Bank Group si
The World Bank Group sign in Washington D.C., USA. Photo by JHVEPhoto on Adobe Stock.

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Ahead of the World Bank and IMF Spring meetings, this E3G press briefing laid out what the Spring Meetings mean for climate action.


  • Sonia Dunlop, Public Banks Programme Lead, on why the Spring Meetings are essential for climate action in the WB and multilateral development banks globally in 2023.
  • Dileimy Orozco, Senior Policy Advisor, on how the meetings can strengthen global financial architecture to support transition to net zero and increase resilience to climate shocks.
  • Ronan Palmer, Associate Director, Clean Economy, on the Bridgetown Initiative, Multilateral Development Bank reform fit in (the Capital Adequacy Framework, World Bank Evolution Roadmap, and Macron’s June Paris Finance Summit).

Event description

The global financial system must evolve. The Spring Meetings are a chance to drive some urgent changes in the World Bank and IMF. And they will shape the global consensus for reform to accelerate this evolution. 

Leaders have been calling for the transformation of the global financial system for many years.  Evolution of the World Bank and IMF has begun. The Bridgetown Initiative has sparked real hopes for change. However much more is needed to deal with big economic shocks from the climate and other crises that are affecting us and to navigate the transition. 

At the Springs, the key leaders of the global economy can answer these calls by setting a rhythm of reform and innovation through the coming meetings.


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